Cosmetology Career Options

Cosmetology Career Options

The beauty industry never stopped growing, even during the recession. Demand continues to increase, and service areas continue to diversify. The Beauty Institute education can be the foundation for any of the following career options, as well as many more:

Do you love hair?

The term “Hairdresser” has long transcended the traditional idea of someone who simply cuts hair. You may find yourself working as a Hair Color Specialist, Perm Specialist, or Print Photography Hair Designer, or hairdresser for television, opera, theater, high fashion, ballet or film.

Are you interested in pampering and anti-aging?

As an esthetician, you can work under plastic surgeons and dermatologists doing facial treatments, or work in a spa or salon performing services such as waxing, brow shaping, and skin care.

Do you have an eye for design?

If colors are your passion, a Makeup Artist or Manicurist may be the best creative outlet for you. If visuals are you strong suit, you may want to explore being a Photo Shoot Stylist, Fashion Show Stylist, or Artistic Director.

Are you a product junkie?

Beauty companies need great Product Reps to get customers excited about products and learn to use them comfortably. If you prefer working with businesses, jobs such as Salon Sales Consultant, Manufacturer Sales Rep or Distributor Sales Rep are options.

You can take your love of beauty products to the next level as a Research Chemist or Beauty Product Designer or tap into the business side as a Retail Specialist.

Do you have a goal to run your own business?

A cosmetology education is the first step towards being a Salon or Spa Coordinator and eventually owning or managing your own salon or spa. As your business grows, so do your opportunities with career roles such as Salon Computer Expert, Salon Chain Manager, Salon Franchisee and Beauty Business Consultant.

Are you a teacher at heart?

Hairdressing and beauty academies are always looking for passionate Instructors to help others pursue their dreams in the cosmetology industry. Beauty academies offer solid opportunities for growth with positions such as Program Director, Director of Education, and even Cosmetology School Owner.

Beauty product manufacturers hire Platform Artists to demonstrate and promote their latest products and offerings, allowing artists to work with the latest and creatively challenging products in the industry.

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