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Our dedicated Admissions and Financial Aid staff are more than happy to help you. we take the time to find all financial aid options available for you and your situation.  From there we will walk you through each step, while also covering the requirements to begin your career in the salon, spa and beauty industry. A quality education is within reach, and we will help you succeed.

All of our cosmetology programs have been approved by the Department of Education to participate in the following Title IV financial aid programs:

Federal Pell Grant:

The federal government provides financial assistance in the form of Pell Grants to those who demonstrate financial need, need is determined by the information you provide on the Free Application For Student Aid (FAFSA). Recipients must not have already received a Bachelor’s degree. These grants do not have to be repaid.

Federal Direct Loans:

  • Subsidized Federal Direct Loan: Eligibility for Subsidized Federal Direct loans is based on financial need. Unlike a grant, this is a loan that must be paid back. Qualified recipients may borrow once per academic year. Each loan carries a fixed interest rate, and interest is paid by the federal government while the recipient attends school, during the grace period (the first six months following graduation) and during periods of deferment. The first payment is due six months after leaving school.

  • Unsubsidized Federal Direct Loan: These loans also carry a fixed interest rate and must be paid back. The recipient is responsible for the interest accrued while in school and during the grace period. The first payment is due six months after leaving school unless,  but recipients may choose to pay the interest on this loan while in school.

  • Federal Direct Plus Loan (Parent Loan): These loans carry a fixed interest rate and are borrowed by the parents of dependent students. The parent starts repaying the loan within 60 days after disbursement.

Please contact or visit a school for more information on federal financial aid options, and for personalized help and support throughout the aid application process.

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